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Looking for a vet job with the Best Vets in London?

Our growing Group consists of 17 well respected and high quality RCVS accredited surgeries across South London and Kent. The group prides itself on providing excellent first opinion industry leading veterinary care to pets in these areas. The Group is owned by two experienced and dedicated vets who are passionate about providing a superior service level to our clients with the highest clinical standards for our patients.

Our surgeries are well equipped with ultrasound, digital radiography, laser therapy, full orthopaedic kits and high quality Doppler ultrasound. We were also the first Group in South London to introduce keyhole surgery with a great deal of our teams highly competent in this advanced procedure.

Supporting progression
We support and encourage vets to progress, with regular management liaison and appraisals and we actively encourage clinical and non-clinical growth, including financial support and extra time off for pursuit of certificates and professional development.

We pride ourselves on having numerous certificate holders in the group and over many years have enabled many of our vets to attain their certificates.

We have some excellent accommodation in London and Kent for those that need it. This accommodation is provided either massively subsidised or free of charge, depending on the property. This is a fabulous opportunity to get a foot hold in these areas without entering into laborious tenancy agreements.

If you are joining the Group from abroad, we are one of only a few surgeries that can provide and support sponsorship if needed and we already have have very many happy and contented vets successfully working with us on a sponsorship programme into many years. If you are considering moving to the UK to work then please do let us know.

Current Vet Opportunities

Do you love being a vet but feel tired with the lack of progression, clinical and emotional support and gratitude? Are youvet jobs London nothing more than a body on a rota or a payroll number?

As an independently owned Veterinary Team in South London and Kent, we hold quarterly reviews with a Director to look at all aspects of your progression and role within our immense team. There’s no ‘once a year’ feedback at DNA. We value our vets immensely and go above and beyond to keep you supported from the very top.

The rota – ever wished for ‘time out’ following a weekend of intense cases? Our weekends are well structured. Not as heavy as many corporate ventures and allow a 2.5 day week to follow.

If you long for passionate and experienced colleagues to converse about complex medicine cases, surgical opinions and high level imaging requirements, then look no further. A vast proportion of our outstanding team are certificate holders, certificate studiers, CPD fanatics or just simply hardcore first opinion practitioners who have remained with us through many years. Our team look to welcome new vets who not only bring something to our already immense team, but can learn from our genius’ too!

Equipment – Ever had a ‘wish list’? Tired of just wishing? Our animal hospitals and multi vet branch surgeries are supported with the latest progressive equipment to ensure you can do as much as you feel comfortable to treat on site. No need to wave off those exciting surgical or imaging cases to a lucky team who are miles away! Many of our busy multi vet surgeries boast may Cert holding medicine, imaging and ortho experienced vets with exciting advanced equipment, gastroscopes, keyhole surgery, dental X-ray and top of the range Imotek Ultrasound.

We have a resident inhouse referral only experienced Ophthalmologist who delights in receiving and advising on cases for you.

Support teams – yes, we have the best nurses and customer service ambassadors in the business! Why and how? Our independent group attracts the very best in advanced nursing teams who thrive on being led by the vets they support. We encourage growth for all of our valued staff and the attraction to be praised, recognised and rewarded in our industry ensures it’s a pleasure to encourage the cream of clinical and customer service support to join and remain with us.

An independent team that’s real! We hold events for all of our independent group including a Christmas Awards Ceremony on the Thames with fizz, glitter and laughter. Vet of the Year, Surgical Case, Medicine Case, Colleague of the Year – we like to praise our team and congratulate them all on their successes and advancement.

In the summer we look forward to a team event held for all to enjoy! Rounders match, cricket, a picnic with Prosecco followed by an evening of dancing (energy permitting!).

We provide a salary to £75K together with accommodation if required. Benefits package to include healthcare and dental plan, unlimited online CPD subscription, employee support programme, Perkbox, cycle to work offer and company events. Your progression is important to us so it’s standard for us to support your certificate or give you well above average CPD for external course attendance and study leave.

If the above description of our Independent South London Team intrigues you, send through your CV to begin to talk to one of our industry renowned Directors.

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veterinary surgeon jobs

Paris Veterinary Surgery

No Overloaded Weekends and No Late Nights Veterinary Surgeon!

Have you ever dreamed of not working weekends or late evenings due to sole charge emergencies and poor surgery organisation?

Are you rather ‘fried’ from the draining times of working as a vet through this Pandemic? I feel a lot of ‘ticks’ happening here already.

Look no further! We have the answer to feeling like you can enjoy your valuable place in a grateful community once again.

Our independent surgery in Central London has developed greatly over the past 2 years. Our equipment is second to none in London and your fellow vets are nothing short of the BEST in town. Really. We are proud of our teams, their individual genius and the care we are able to give to the pets seeking first opinion practice or referrals due to our greatness.

We have an exceptional separate 24 hour night team to hand able to give expert care to those pets you admit during the day. We’re most certainly no low level clinic surviving on a hit of Loxicom and pride ourselves in the very best care, always, for the pets we treat.

We have excellent ortho surgeons, ultrasound vets, medicine vets and will shortly be opening our own ophthalmology service within our incredible team.

Attracting extremely high level veterinary surgeons who remain content with our team for years, is something we strive to continue.

This is an attractive proposition to for a vet wanting to continue to progress and more importantly, be valued for the vital contribution you make.

Our Directors meet 12 weekly with each member of our Vet Team to find out where we can support you further and help you achieve your aspirations.

We offer a weekend rota that sees you work 2.5 days the week after your shortened hours weekend – we don’t believe in exhaustion but absolutely do champion progression. Get your balance back.

Please send through your CV and interest to be considered to be among our immense team.

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Mayow Veterinary Surgery

Is it May already? Have you started looking to see if the grass is greener?

The proud logo that displays our name is green and I can promise you our vet team will agree that it’s greener in so manyveterinary job south london ways at DNA.

Realistically for you, you’re reading this employee written advert and it’s now time to make the leap.

With the busy summer period approaching fast, you need a new supported position to get you through. Stop hesitating. Make that leap and experience a different kind of surgery atmosphere where you work less weekends than previously and after the weekend put your feet up to a 2 day week.

In short, a position in the award winning London’s Best Vet 2022 team is just what you need.

Yes, we have won this prestigious award for the 3rd year in a row. Why? Because we’re simply GREAT. Our teams are valued, experienced, friendly, progressive, CPD heavy, highly talented, welcoming and supported. All the things that many corporate employers are currently trying to replace with pay. The difference is we are owned by vets and due to the calibre of our teams, we boast heavy financial reward.

With ample time to work on your cases, build your client bond and enjoy the benefits of the extensive and new equipment we have provided for our vet team (CT, ortho equipment, keyhole surgery, Imotek high end ultrasound, Istat, in house lab, dental x-ray etc). This really is a delight of a role to enjoy and embrace in an industry where you should feel valued by your leaders, your team and your clients every single day.

There is direct access to multi cert holding in house ortho vets, specialist eye referrals and high level ultrasound imaging team members. We have it all.

Did I mention we’re independent too? I’ll explain again – you actually get to spend time with the Directors of this vet owned team who are extremely interested in how you are, where you’d like to be and what you need to get there.

If you require a beautiful sole occupancy flat provided for you, yes we can provide this too.

We are able to provide sponsorship for overseas vets.

This is a new position in South London and will not hang about.

Be a part of our immense and award winning, highly experienced team!

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vet jobs Surrey

Wimbledon / Corner Vet Surgeries

Are you fed up with your current ‘stage’ of being given only spays and castrates as your headline story? Do you feel your veterinary talents and aspirations are being played down?

If you would like to move onto the next scene in your veterinary career and build unquestionable advancement in both surgery and medicine, keep reading.

The bright lights, charged atmosphere and superior location of our Multi Site, independent South London location beckons!

Join our family orientated independent group to open up a new chapter in your role as a rewarded, progressing and valued Veterinary Surgeon.

Now that we’ve set the scene, a little more about the position we are determined to fill …

We are proud to have the space to welcome a Vet who is has at least one year UK experience and has also been in a surgery for a year plus. You will be keen to learn from your fellow surgeon’s and certificate holders. This role will challenge you and grow you rapidly, wording alongside highly qualified and experienced surgeons and medics. Our nursing teams can’t wait to support you as you advance too!

You will work realistic hours, with a flexible rota, to meet the needs of the surgery, but we are also firm to satisfy your priceless ‘time out’ and CPD progression.

When I say CPD, I am referring to an independent group who really do care about your professional progression. Being mentored by Certificate Holders with many years industry experience, the surgery is overseen by a Management Team of 6, you cannot fail to feel supported and appreciated.

Our surgery premises (to include our award winning independent hospital site) offer everything you would expect from an award winning group, with equipment befitting that of being serious about your varied caseload.

We offer a genuine and upper end 1 year+ qualified package, which can include accommodation.

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small animal vet jobs Kent

Swaleside and Canterbury

Are you wanting to progress as a vet, be part of a team, be close enough to London, but far enough way to feel less pressure at work?

Our 4 Vet independent day team are looking for a progressive, kind and passionate veterinary professional to join their multiple cert holding, multi discipline Kent team to continue the excellent patient care we provide for sick pets.

This county famous surgery, 40 mins from Central London, is an extremely popular clinic with many vet branch practices seeking to refer into our talent heavy progressive team who are known for taking their treatment to extremely high levels.

Do you have desired standards and serious expectations of your valuable career, but your current surgery is loathe to meet your needs? You should be working with us! Move on and re-energise your prestigious career as a valued Veterinary Surgeon among a team of outstanding colleagues.

Whether your bias is surgery, medicine, imaging, endoscopy, exotics or more – we have a team to help support you to be the very best.

Our rotas are by far the coolest in the industry – flexible with NO Sundays!

The benefits in this role are without doubt :

  • An extremely rewarding salary (to £70K)
  • The best, newly renovated, accommodation for sole purpose
  • High level support for further qualification
  • A non-burn out rota quite like no other being offered
  • Access to an onsite Ophthalmology specialist now working exclusively with our surgery
  • Toys. Lots of them. Top of the range ultrasound, scopes, operating microscope, slit lamp, tono pen, TPLO equipment, multi parameter GA machines and much, much, much more!

Over the years we have listened to our independent Vet Team and made changes for the better.

Whilst our industry has changed in the last 18 months, the care and compassion our surgery shows towards our much loved Veterinary Team stands strong!

Don’t endure being just another undervalued number … be part of a dynamic network of valued Vets who really are outstandingly brilliant!

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Are you tired of branch work? Is sole charge either too sleepy or painfully stressful? Can you only dream of equipment that would help you progress and friendly colleagues that would be delighted to discuss cases?

One vaccine or cat castrate too many?
Do you suffer lack of space and freedom of clinical freedom that stifle your working day?

STOP! Why are you there? Sensibly you are browsing to see ‘what’s out there’.

We are.

veterinary surgeon jobs KentIntroducing a team of highly respected professionals who stand out from the crowd in support of the teams. We work with you to treat sick pets incredibly well at this spacious, progressive, equipment laden and client happy clinic. The clients are happy as our reception and nurse team are nothing short of utterly f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s.

Yes, there’s a lot of space to not feel rushed in your day, plentiful cert holding colleagues to help you arrive at where you’d like to be in many areas of first opinion practice.

To be clear, we boast many fancy in house toys, a positive and friendly support team, a very well oiled in house referral system with direct access to an ophthalmology referral surgeon and close support from a team of industry respected and experienced Directors who are genuinely interested in your progression in whatever may be your chosen field.

If you’d like to know more about our bustling and happy team, plus the below enticing package, please do submit your CV for our consideration.

  • Accommodation and all bills paid
  • Salary to £65K
  • CPD allowance supporting a certificate or courses of your choice
  • CPD days benefitting quality time to study
  • A luxury rota meaning you can extend trips abroad to once per month, using your flexible rota and 1 in 4 long weekends!

Or send us your CV directly to 


The clinical freedom to treat pets properly is excellent with support on hand from the management team and senior pets if required. The case loads are extremely varied and whilst you may work hard, you're made to feel value and rewarded. The company are very supportive of providing equipment to enhance treatment in your specialist area. The dedication and support from the Nursing and Reception teams is second to none.


I joined DNA as a young vet in 2018 and I'm now enjoying being a lead vet within a branch and getting to spend time in the hospital treating more complex cases. I enjoy that you are rewarded with equipment to suit your clinical interest and can work up as much as you like within branch. The client base is lovely and there is a great network of excellent, smart fellow vets and nurses with generous employers who want you to learn and grow.


There is a dedication to ensuring gold standard treatment for the patient and exceptional communication with the clients. The practices are busy with a wide surgical and medical case load. Certificates and clinical interests are always encouraged.